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Pigs Attack, Kill Boy in Narsinghgarh Town

 pig kill boy

Narsinghgarh - Rajgarh :  In a bizarre incident, a 17-year-old boy was killed by pigs in Narsinghgarh town when he went out to answer nature's call, police said yesterday. The youth identified as Sonu Kushwaha (17) was attacked and killed by pigs when he went out of his house to answer nature's call last night, Narsinghgarh police station in-charge, J P Soni told reporters.
He said that when the youth did not return back for a long time, his family members got suspicious and went outside to look for him.
Later, they found his mutilated body being eaten by nearly 30 pigs.

When they somehow managed to scare away the pigs from the spot and brought the body back to the home, the stray animals followed them till their house, police said, adding they were probing the incident. 

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